Monday, June 20, 2005

Discovery at Little Hog Island, Part 50

Dana picked up one of the cats and petted it. The cat was black and sleek and purred ferociously.
“I thought you were allergic to cats!” Ross said.

“I ab, but I still love theb,” Dana answered, sniffing and sneezing.

“I’ll put you in the cabana,” Ami said. “It’s one of the guest areas I keep the cats out of. Guaranteed safe.”

“That’s a big probise. Especially after all the events of the past few days.”

“Sorry, I take it back. It’s guaranteed safe from cat dander. That’s all.”

Ami grabbed a bottle of wine and ducked into the bathroom for towels. Dana and Ross followed her out to the cabana, in the back. It was a tiny shack made out of plywood, up on stilts. Inside, it seemed bigger than it did on the outside. There was a main room with a tiny kitchen and couch, a miniature bedroom with a narrow bed and dresser, and a bathroom not much bigger than a closet. It had a shower so narrow Dana wasn’t sure she could squeeze into it. And a screen porch. The screen porch was furnished with 3 wicker rockers with big fluffy pillows. Dana collapsed into one, sneezing and rubbing her itchy eyes, and gratefully took the wine that Ami offered.

Ross sat between them sipping his wine and looking out to sea. Out to Peggy’s boat was more like it. Dana followed his glance and saw two boats running circles around The Roseate again. Ross rose and stalked silently out of the shack.

Part 51

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