Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Discovery at Little Hog Island, Part 38

Little Hog Island at Dawn

"What is that painting of in the bathroom?" Dana asked, as she came back into the dining room.

"It's the landing cove on the outer bank of Little Hog Island at Dawn. As you may have noticed, it's almost never that calm. I took a rare photo and Dorothy painted this for me to give Garret as a gift."

"I remember that well, she really worked hard on that painting, Rheta," Ross said.

"I think I saw the spot where I hid my kayak. I thought there were more rocks."

"The tide was really high. The rocks don't show. I think it's a little faded after all these years."

"It was one of Dorothy's early works. "

"I let her borrow it . . . "

"And she won a prize. She was so pleased."

"It is a pretty nice painting," Dana said. "Why didn't Garrett take it?"

"He didn't take anything. He walked out one day with only the shirt on his back. Later, when he knew I was away, he came in and took a few more things. I'm saving it for him."

"Do you think he'll come back for it? Will he want it?" Posted by Hello

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