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Chapter 1, part 4

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The men formed a semi-circle around Dana.
"So," said one, who was tall, thin, angular, and scruffy, "We have a spy, do we?" His voice was even lower and more gravelly than Buck's.
"I'm not a spy," Dana said, her voice high and nervous.
"Simon," Buck said. "Get our friend Dana a beer. Bring another chair, Garrett."
Two other men disappeared in opposite directions.
"Come have a seat," Buck said, pulling the chairs clustered around the table into a wider circle. "You play Black Jack?"
Dana took the seat he offered. It was the one he’d been sitting in. She shook her head.
"Well, occasionally, for fun, not profit." Dana giggled slightly, then clamped her mouth shut. She thought she sounded foolish.
Simon came back with a six-pack of beer. It trailed little pools and droplets of water onto the concrete floor. He was young, blond and sun burnt. His nose was peeling. Garrett came back with a chair. Buck took it and sat beside Dana. "Deal us a hand, Glenn," Buck said.
Glenn was the lean man who’d asked if she was a spy. He dealt out a hand, looking at Dana from under dark, bushy eyebrows that grew together over his thin nose like a long, shaggy caterpillar. He glared at her.
Buck handed around the beers. "This here is Willie," he said, indicating the last man. Willie was a stocky man, slightly pudgy around the face. He had a bland dull look and unfocused eyes. He nodded at Dana, his eyes never turning toward her.
"Don’t mind Willie," Buck said, "he’s a little under the weather." Buck opened Dana’s beer and handed it to her. Willie nodded slightly.
Glenn snorted. He popped open his beer, took a huge slug, and turned to Dana. "So," he repeated, scowling at her, "you’re a spy."
1)This is the 4th installment in my serial novel. Links to the first three (on cowbird) are at the top. Link to the next one, #5, is directly above.
2)illo is an acrylic painting by me of "Jerusalem Old Town" which I modified slightly for this piece. Sorry I forgot to add the sailboats! :-(
3)I'm trying to keep the installments short--let me know (at facebook or below) if you think the length should be different. Longer? Shorter?

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Discovery on Little Hog Island, Chapter I: The Warning, p iii

Biker Buddy is standing in for Buck Skillin here
photoart by me

Discovery on Little Hog Island, Chapter I: The Warning
iii. Buck Skillin (Read part ii here)*

He looked her up and down. "You don’t look wet," he said.
"No, I took your advice and did not swim here." Dana heard her voice come out calmly and normally, though inside it felt squeezed with fear.
"Good choice," the man said, gruffly, his voice low and gravelly. "So what did you do, fly?"
"I paddled."
"At night? That ain't exactly safe, either," he drawled. "Why are you standing in the munitions shed? What are you doing here?"
"I was curious. I wanted to look around."
"You could see better during the day. Name's Skillin. Buck Skillin." He held out his hand. She took it gingerly. It was warm and dry. Hers was clammy with fear. "And you?"
"Dana. Dana Waznik."
"Wanna Beer?"
"A beer?" Dana heard her voice rise with surprise, almost incredulity.
"You a TEE-totaler?"
"No. I just didn't expect you to offer me beer?"
"Why not, seems like the polite thing to do when you have company. Come on, I'll introduce you to the guys."
Buck Skillin turned and walked back toward the stone building. Dana followed, feeling nervous. Beyond nervous. She didn’t know if she should bolt for the darkness, grab her kayak, and paddle madly away. But she didn’t. She followed Buck. He held the door for her.
"Boys," he said, "We have company. Four faces turned toward Dana. They all rose to their feet. They did not look happy or friendly.
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