Sunday, June 19, 2005

Discovery at Little Hog Island, Part 49

But Ross turned the boat toward Hog Island, Big Hog Island, and the two boats, his and Amy’s cruised side by side into a slip. Dana accepted Ross’s hand up without arguing. It seemed she was going to Ami’s, whether she wanted to or not.

Ami led the way. Dana followed her and Ross came behind. They climbed a series of rickety steps that swayed and bumped against a rough rock wall to a landing that sagged and shook so violently that Dana feared it would collapse, hurtling her to the rocks below. The wooden walkway over the rocks was slimy with algae and the sandpaper strips that had been laid down for traction were peeling off raggedly and flopping under their feet. Dana had a sudden image of what the house would be like, and when Ami opened the door, and flipped on the switch, there it was: exactly what she’d expected. The house was a disaster. Stuff was piled on every surface including the floor. Cats roamed the house, sat on the table, slept on the counters.

Dana sneezed, sneezed again, and then sneezed in a whole series of barking reports. “I bight dot be able to stay here,” Dana said, “I’b allergic to cats.”

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