Friday, June 10, 2005

Discovery at Little Hog Island, Part 40

Part 1, Part 39

Dana backed up into the bushes and watched the little skiff move slowly into the cove. The person navigating was unfamiliar to her. A skinny man . . ., no a slender woman. A slender, willowy woman with a pixie haircut. In the faint light, Dana could see hints of grey. Salt and pepper. A pretty face. She stepped back out of the shadows.


“Here,” Dana answered. “Let me guess, you’re Peggy.”

“How’d you know?”

“Well, there are two women I haven’t met, and Ross said that Ami looked a little like me.”

Peggy cocked her head and regarded Dana in the dim light. “Yes, she does look like you. Or vice versa.”

“Where’s Ross?”

“He’s had a family emergency and asked me to pick you up and feed you. He apologizes profusely.”

“Why did he call you?”

“Dorothy is involved with the emergency, which he said he'd explain later, and I guess he couldn’t reach anyone else, he didn’t say, really. I don’t mind a bit, I’m rather eager to meet you. Hop in, I’ve made us a nice cool summer feast. A mini feast. It’s too hot to eat much. And some light frosty smoothies with a touch of vermouth and tonic. All waiting at home. I thought you might want to stay with me tonight. I have air, and it would be dreadful in a tent with this heat.”

Peggy turned the skiff and rowed, not toward land, but out to sea.

Part 41

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